Our Services


Our passion for horses and the horse riding community shines through each Triangle Farms Managed Horse Show. Triangle Farms, Inc. provides complete horse show management services on the East Coast. Using the finest equipment and decorations, we create a professional atmosphere for our horse shows while encouraging fun, education, and safety. We provide on-site horse show management for horse shows of any size, both indoor and outdoor, featuring any and all breeds.

Planning and managing the show from start to finish, Triangle Farms, Inc. will put the necessary plans in place to have a successful horse show that participants and spectators will enjoy and come back to year after year! Triangle Farms, Inc. ensures preparation, attention to detail, and a fun and successful show full of charm and hospitality. Horse Show Management Services include  bringing in advertisers, providing photographers and videographers, prize lists, organizing participants, catering, special events, presentations, ceremonies, banners, ribbons, logos, Judges and Stewards!


Equipment Rentals: plant decorations, jumps, sound systems/radios, lights, stage and lots more including our professional management team to assist you.